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We-Young Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.


To provide our customers with professional solutions and considerate service.

We-Young Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.


It has been 18 years that we developed from exportation, registration and manufacturing of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides into a hi-tech enterprise by cooperating with institutions of higher learning and started-run labs.

Meanwhile, we dedicate great efforts and capacities in comprehending and catering to the environment-friendly trends of international markets. We have been working concurrently in R&D of bio-pesticides that could be used in combination with traditional agrochemicals, from which our product lines have been expanded to meet demands of various clients.


We’re committed to engaging with our clients and stakeholders through an internationally recognized process of continuous improvement within the existing legal framework.

Listen To The Client

To Provide Solutions That Meet Their Requirements And Maintain Flexible And Personalized Contacts In Order To Support The Development Of Our Customers.

Strengthen Our Inner Capacities

To optimize our organization through high-efficient management and integrating of inner resources. The commitment of the Management is absolute in matters of quality, environment, safety and health. Our entire management chain is focused on achieving the highest level of satisfaction for all the parties involved in each operation.

Observe The Market

Keep An Eye On The International Market At Every Moment, So As To Exploit Different And Eco-Friendly Solutions.

We-Young Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. seeks out and finds the most appropriate products for clients of various demands in the main international markets. We work closely with customers and suppliers to transport and store their products in the most appropriate way, meeting the strictest safety requirements and to deliver them in time.

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Room 1703, Jiangsu Cultural Building, No. 89 Zhongshan South Road, Nanjing, 210000, China

E-mail: Info@we-young.com

Telephone: +86 153 8044 6495

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